Top 4 Best Pen Turning Books In 2024

Best Pen Turning Books

Pen turning is a fun and creative hobby which is gaining popularity as a relaxing and fulfilling activity.

The following books will teach you how to use pen blanks and other necessary tools to create beautiful pens from natural wood, plastic, acrylics, or any number of other materials.

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Pen Turning Books

Image Product Author Price
backpac Turning Pens And Pencils Kip Christensen Check Price
backpac Pen Turning: A Foundation Course Kip Christensen Check Price
cordlessblower Pen Turner’s Workbook: Making Pens from Simple to Stunning Barry Gross Check Price
cordlessblower The Pen Turner’s Bible: The Art of Creating Custom Pens Richard Kleinhenz Check Price

Here is our list of the best pen turning books available on the market. Please note that this list is constantly changing as we receive new books that we want to include, so check back often for updates to this booklist.

Turning Pens And Pencils

Turning Pens And Pencils

This book stands above all other works on the topic of pen turning. It is well-structured, easy to read, and includes many methods to operate on each level of the pen-making process.

It begins with a historic discussion, but after that, it goes into great detail on the equipment, materials, wood selection, kit types, finishing products, glues, and everything else you will need to know and have when making a pen.

The next chapter demonstrates how to make a basic pen, offering a plethora of directions for executing basic approaches. Each next chapter explains the creation of a new pen type, as well as providing multiple ways of completing the procedure. Through this process, the reader gains insight into the world of pen making and the potential it has.

There is a section on alternate materials and how they are used, followed by a section on decorating and variation in styles.

The section that follows offers tips that will improve the quality of your pens, along with ways to improve the speed with which the pens are turned by fixing common mistakes.

Ultimately, there is a very good gallery with many kinds of pen styles from numerous contributors.


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Great illustrations
  • Well organized and easy to read
  • Covers everything


  • A little dated because new materials appeared on the market

Pen Turning: A Foundation Course

Pen Turning: A Foundation Course

Woodturning with pens is one of the most popular projects for beginners and experts alike. They are small projects, require little wood, and can be used to build a great deal of functional stuff.

Whether you are acquainted with turning pens or are just beginning, Pen Turning: A Foundation Course can help you move toward your goal.

The book provides instructions on a number of popular pen styles, including slimline pens, KC twist pens, a single-barrel bullet pen, and a classical style pen.

You will learn how to use different materials like stabilized burl, exotic hardwoods, antler, and even plastic.

You will discover a number of techniques explained. These include cutting blanks to gluing, decorating, sanding, and assembly.


  • Beautifully illustrated
  • Easy to read
  • Lots of good ideas to customize pens


  • None

Pen Turner’s Workbook: Making Pens from Simple to Stunning

Pen Turner's Workbook: Making Pens from Simple to Stunning

Learn to create and sell exquisite custom-made pens. If you enjoy creating and utilizing quality pens, you’ll find this book to be a great information source that provides comprehensive, cutting-edge information about pen turning techniques and materials.

Attempt to build your own classic pen or make something new, as there are 18 different projects for all skill levels. Clear and easy-to-understand pictures are a nice addition, especially for beginners.

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Discover exciting new pen turning choices with advanced materials such as Acrywood, Trustone, Inlace Acrylester, Alumilite casting resin, acrylic ripple, and Macro Molecular Metal.

Learn how to make personalized masterpiece pens by coating practically any object with clear acrylic. Experiment with cigar wrappers or scrapbook paper, snakeskin, watch parts, seahorses, or stamps. You will see that the only limit is your imagination.


  • Step by step pictures
  • 18 projects to spark your creativity
  • Covers many materials and pen styles


  • If you are a complete beginner there are better books to teach you the basics

The Pen Turner’s Bible: The Art of Creating Custom Pens

The Pen Turner's Bible: The Art of Creating Custom Pens

This book covers more than 25 pen projects and the latest equipment kits. It begins with a step-by-step procedure for making a ballpoint pen and continues to more advanced pens like a complex fountain pen.

Starting with a simple yet elegant ballpoint, the procedures in creating it are explained step by step with subsequent chapters. Each new project adds more complexity.

The author’s own plans for a variety of unique tools are also included, discussing twirling jigs in both the past and present and explaining their ability to produce the well-known rope design, as well as straight or fluted pens.

One of the things that make this book worth having is the fact that it can help both beginners and experienced woodturners.

For the beginner, Kleinhenz will guide you through the procurement and maintenance of tools you will use, including choosing a lathe, and guides you through creating your first pen.

For the expert, there are homemade tools and equipment to assist you in your work. Some of the covered topics consist of plastic pens, spiraling, inlays, and more.

The pen turning book even offers steps on using a metal lathe for pen making. There is something for everyone interested in pen turning in this book.


  • Great value for both beginners and experienced pen turners
  • 25 pen turning projects with varying grades of difficulty
  • Full-color images and a gallery is included


  • The author shows you where to get tools and materials in the USA. If you live somewhere else this book will not help you.

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Pen turning is a fun hobby that is quite popular among woodturners.

If you want to learn how to use pen blanks and other necessary tools to create beautiful pieces, these pen turning books will teach you everything you need to know.