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Daniel is an experienced writer, Editor-in-Chief, and the Lead Author at ModernWoodTurning. With a writing journey of over a decade, Daniel has consistently demonstrated his passion for creating informative and engaging content. As the leader at ModernWoodTurning, his goal is to share his experience and expertise with the readers of this website.


He got on his writing journey a decade ago, building a solid reputation within the woodworking community while focusing on reviewing woodturning products. He reviews lathes, tools, and accessories, going deep into details to explore design and functionality. His reviews have been helping both beginner and professional woodturners make smart buying choices.


Daniel is a true lathe expert. His knowledge covers every lathe model available in the market, giving him a distinct edge in reviewing their features, performance, and practical applications. This expertise allows him to provide readers with insightful reviews, comparisons, and recommendations that helps fellow woodturners to make informed decisions about their equipment.


His academic journey laid the foundation for his career. Daniel holds a degree in Fine Arts from New York University (NYU), where he developed a keen eye for woodworking. This educational background, combined with his hands-on experience, fuels his ability to bridge the gap between technical knowledge and artistic expression in the field of woodturning.

A Message from Daniel:

"Woodturning is a dance of patience and precision, where each graceful curve tells a story written by the hands that guide the lathe."