3 Best Pen Assembly Presses For Woodworking In 2024

Best Pen Assembly Press

Looking for the best pen assembly press for woodworking? You have come to the right place!

In this article, we are going to review 3 best pen presses and discuss what you need to look for when buying one.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

3 Best Pen Assembly Presses We Recommend

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Here are the top three best pen assembly presses on the market today:

(Assembly & Disassembly Pen Press)

PSI Woodworking PENPRESSXL Assembly & Disassembly Pen Press

PSI Woodworking PENPRESSXL Assembly & Disassembly Pen Press is an easy way to assemble and disassemble pen parts on one convenient tool.

The assembly also doubles as a traditional press for pressing your pen components together and features a disassembly function that allows you to take virtually any pen apart with the most simple of tools.

This product includes (1) press assembly with adjustment sled and handles, (6) disassembly rods, (1) spring-loaded stopper, 6″ of soft-grip tubing, and 7mm mechanism bushing for parts protection.

This durable product features a spring-loaded ram that can act as an extra hand for quicker assembly, creating even more precision than you could imagine.

The sliding sled mechanism helps position the rod perfectly over whichever part you’re working on, locking it into place after just one lever lock. You’ll be able to assemble all your parts with ease! 

The disassembly rods can handle just about any tube diameter and part combination, such as pen tips and clips. A dedicated 7mm bushing makes it easy to remove any 7mm pen. During the disassembly procedure, the soft-grip tube and V-profile clamp protect parts from harm.

If you are looking for the best pen assembly press then you found it. This press will save you time and money!

Milescraft 4700 Pen Press

Best Pen Assembly Press

The TurnersPress’s unique design maintains the horizontal alignment of components while pressure is applied, preventing cracking and ensuring a correct assembly.

Underneath the spring-loaded mandrel opposite the pressure arm, six half-circular metal stanchions keep it from curving in any direction. When pressure is applied to the mandrel during assembly, one or more of them may be swiftly and easily flipped up beneath it, preventing it from bending in any direction.

The mandrel is spring-loaded, pushing stacked components against the pressure arm as it sets up. The fine threaded micro-adjustment pad is used to precisely determine the amount of pressure applied to each component.

The 4700 TurnersPress is perfect for use in your home workbench, shop, or production facility.

Savannah Pen Press

Savannah Pen Press

Make better, smoother pens with the Savannah Pen Press. This press eliminates assembly headaches by keeping your pen pieces in line without any individual effort on your part!

This press will help you produce fantastic-looking and properly functioning pens every time you use it, from the tip to the caps and everything in between.

Savannah Pen Press is basic in appearance, but it functions precisely as intended. You don’t want any abrupt or jittery motions when pressing your pens.

The pen press makes it simple to put your pens together. The press works smoothly and allows you to apply precise amounts of force as needed on the pen elements.

Savannah may apply up to and about 30 pounds of force, which is more than enough to properly press turned and aligned pens. Before using the pen press, make any required modifications to ensure that your pen is correctly aligned.

The pen press is secured to a sturdy piece of anodized extruded aluminum. This provides enough area for you to easily attach the pen vise to a workbench or tabletop with ease.

Two wooden dowels are included with the pen press. The UHMW pressure stop has a central hole through which the two dowels fit neatly. Each dowel protrudes from the UHMW pressure stop and serves as a pen barrel holder, keeping it in position without requiring you to grip it with your fingers!

Savannah pen press is the ideal gadget for any pen turner who must be accurate when putting pens together!

How To Choose The Best Pen Assembly Press

The following information can help guide you when deciding which pen assembly press is best for you.

Assembly & Disassembly

If your budget allows you can look for a pen press that can assemble and disassemble pens. This reduces your time spent assembling and repairing pens.

Pressure distribution & force

An adjustable pen press allows you to customize the amount of pressure applied when pressing. This is helpful if your parts require more or less force than usual.


Some presses come with extra accessories such as a stand or vintage barrels to attach pen blanks. This is helpful if you plan on producing pens for sale and want to speed up assembly time.


The best pen assembly press is the one that fits your needs and budget. While pen assembly presses are not very expensive, you can always find a cheaper product to save some money.

A reputable product with the right equipment for your needs will be worth spending more money on than a cheaper, smaller machine that doesn’t offer all of the features and benefits you need.

Make sure that the quality is still good, otherwise, you may have to keep purchasing replacement or upgraded parts.

Who Should Invest In A Pen Assembly Press?

Pen assembly presses are a great investment for any pen maker, amateur or professional. These presses can be used by hobbyists and professionals alike, and they are usually relatively inexpensive.

A pen assembly press will take your pen-making to the next level. Pen assembly presses help save time during production by eliminating some of the labor. Therefore, you’ll spend less time assembling pens and more time enjoying your hobby!

Pen assembly presses will also help you produce quality pens consistently with no difficulty or headache!


There are many pen-assembling options available, but these three stand out from the crowd!

If we had to choose between PSI Woodworking PENPRESSXL, Milescraft 4700, and Savannah, we would go with the first option.

The PSI Woodworking PENPRESSXL can assemble and disassemble pens and is compatible with almost all pen sizes.

We hope this article has helped you find the best pen assembly press for your needs. Good luck with all of your future projects!