Top 7 Best Pen Blanks For Unique Pens In 2024

best pen blanks

Pen blanks are an excellent way to make your own custom pens. Pen blanks allow you to create a one-of-a-kind pen that is completely unique and unlike any other. The best part about making your own pen is that it doesn’t require much skill or knowledge, but the end product will be something truly special for you to use year after year.

Pen blanks come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and styles which means there’s bound to be one perfect for you! There are many brands of pen blanks out there but we’re going to focus on reviewing only the best ones.

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Quick overview of the Best Pen Blanks

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Exotic Wood Pen Blanks 24-Pack Best Exotic Pen Blanks
Contains 6 of Each Bloodwood, Mexican Ebony, Jatoba, Hard Maple.
Check Price
backpac Penn State Industries WXFUN50 50pc Best Acrylic Pen Blanks
50 PC Variety Pack
Check Price
cordlessblower Pen Kit Mall – Spectraply Pen Blanks There are over 200 assorted colors available. Each package has a different color combination.
22 PC packs.
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cordlessblower Bog Oak Pen Blanks 5 authentic bog oak pen blanks Check Price
cordlessblower Buffalo Horn Pen Blanks Each pack includes 3 buffalo horn blanks Check Price
cordlessblower Woodcraft Spalted Tamarind Wood Pen Blank 5 Piece pack Check Price
cordlessblower Black Walnut Pen Blank 10 black walnut blanks pack
Kiln Dried
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Best Pen Blanks

Wood pen blanks are the best option for those who want to make a custom pen. Wood is an excellent material for a pen as it’s easy to shape, which means you can create a beautiful design or pattern on your pen.

You can even use a wood-burning tool if you want to add texture and designs that aren’t possible with wood carving tools.

Best of all, wood is affordable. If you want to make a simple pen for yourself or give it as a gift, the best pen blanks are the best option.

One thing to mention is that pen blanks do not come with any pen accessories or components. You will need to buy a pen kit for that.

Exotic Wood Pen Blanks 24-Pack (Best Exotic Pen Blanks)

Exotic Wood Best Pen Blanks

Handcrafted exotic wood pen blanks of real hardwoods. Handcut and quality controlled to be guaranteed crack-free. You won’t find better, more natural-looking wood than these blanks that for many people are the best place to start on their journey of turning pens.

Turn them into gorgeous pieces like barrel pens, customized chopsticks, table legs…get creative! They make great crafting supplies for those who love making both functional items as well as decorative pieces out of exotic wood.

This 24-piece variety pack includes 6 different types of exotic woods including Mexican Ebony, Bloodwood, Jatoba, and Hard Maple.

The end and side finishes are made from a table saw, planer or jointer. The result is a crack-free pen blank.

Like most pen blanks they are completely natural and untreated. If you’re looking to buy the best pen blanks out there, these are definitely for you!

Penn State Industries WXFUN50 50pc (Best Acrylic Pen Blanks)

Penn State Industries WXFUN50 - best pen blanks

Penn State Industries WXFUN50 50pc Funline Acrylic Pen Blanks are perfect for crafting colorful, creative projects with your lathe.

You’ll receive (50) 5/8″ x 5/8″ x 5″ Square Funline Acrylic Blanks with a variety of styles to choose from within each set.

The blanks will arrive raw and unfinished, so you can sand or use tools to polish them into bright finished products that are ready to use.

Use these high-quality yet affordable blanks on any woodturning project kit that is compatible with their specific dimensions!

When turning the blanks on your lathe, remember to utilize sharp instruments and light cuts.

Pen Kit Mall – Spectraply 22 pc Assorted Pen Blanks

Pen Kit Mall - Spectraply 22 pc Assorted Best Pen Blanks

There are over 200 assorted colors of Specraply 22 pc Assorted Blanks and many customers find this variation to be quite enjoyable.

The bright, fun colors make it easy for people to choose which one they want to use as a writing instrument. Many frequent customers enjoy the product due to its great variety and value.

Start making unique pens in vibrant colors and styles that will impress people and guarantee your products stand out.

Customize your pens to your heart’s content! This variety pack of 22 different blanks is best for those who want to have a wide range of colors and styles to choose from.

Bog Oak Pen Blanks (5-Pack)

Best Bog Oak Pen Blanks

Bog oak blanks are a great way to create one-of-a-kind handmade pens.

The wood ranges from charcoal gray to jet black and depending on how you cut them, your finished piece will have a different shape or transition between colors – peeking through your design. Best of all, because this material is very unique and rare, every custom-crafted pen blank becomes a quality work of art!

Bog oak does tend to be somewhat fragile so it’s best to take great care when sanding or finishing.

If you’re looking to create an awesome pen that is unlike any other on the market today, bog oak is definitely the best choice for you!

Buffalo Horn Pen Blanks

Buffalo Horn Blanks

The buffalo pen blanks may not be as plentiful as the pasture they roam, but these solid horns are enough to make your creative ideas come to life. Each one measures 3/4″ in diameter and 5″ in length, which is perfect for pens and other projects.

This kit includes 3 buffalo horns ethically sourced, perfect for any project. The size is just right to create a great-looking pen or other woodworking projects like tool handles!

Woodcraft Spalted Tamarind Wood Pen Blank

Woodcraft Spalted Tamarind Wood

Those of you looking for a unique timber unlike any other wood will enjoy this carefully crafted pen blank featuring stunning Spalted Tamarind from Laos.

Not only does the solid stock have spectacular heartwood, but it is unpredictable in pattern and finish based on logs that were found lying on the ground.

Beautifully mysterious and unpredictable in nature, spalted Tamarind is a blank canvas waiting to be shaped into your own personal creation.

With distinctive lines in ivory, yellow and black running through delicate bubbled tops, every woody masterpiece walks the line between bright and dark.

We recommend taking precautions when working with spalted wood, such as using adequate dust-collection equipment and wearing a personal respirator or mask for sensitive people.

Black Walnut Pen Blank

Black Walnut Pen Blank

Black walnut is a beautiful species of lumber that has been used for centuries to create high-quality furniture and handcrafts.

The pen blanks in this pack are kiln-dried, which means they’re ready to use as soon as you get them!

They measure 3/4″x3/4″x5″, which makes them perfect for any project, from nice-looking pens with a personal touch, to basic kitschy household items.

Add some exclusivity to your store with Black Walnut Blanks for pens today!

Best Wood For Pen Blanks

When it comes to the best wood for pen blanks, preference plays an important role. The best wood for pen blanks is one that best matches the style of the person using it. Other factors such as stain-ability, durability, and workability are all important to consider when purchasing a pen blank.

Walnut is one of the best wood used for pen blanks. It provides a smooth finish, which makes it best for writing pens. With its warm light brown color and fine-textured grain, this wood species has been said to be a great option for beginners because of the simple fact that it is a very easy species to turn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size for pen blanks?

The most common size for pen blanks is 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 5-6″. Obviously, things may slightly vary sometimes, but this is best for most people.

What can you do with pen blanks?

You can turn pen blanks on your wood lathe and make them into functional and unique pens, and other small woodworking projects.

What are wood pen blanks for?

Best Pen blanks are tiny bits of wood used in the production of pen blanks. Many other woodworkers find these pieces of wood to be ideal for their specialty, including Exotic Wood Jewelry, Fishing Lures, and Fly Rod Reel Seat Spacers among others in the pen turning industry.

Final Thoughts On Best Pen Blanks

In this blog post, we’ve explored the best pen blanks for pen turning.

There are a variety of materials that work well when you want to create your own unique pens from scratch.