About Us

ModernWoodTurning was established with a single and very significant goal in mind – to assist woodturning enthusiasts and professionals in making the right lathe purchase. We recognize the crucial role lathes play in the lives of woodturners, woodworkers, and craftsmen, and we are committed to helping you discover the finest lathes available in the market.

We are working around the clock to establish ourselves as an authority, focusing not only on lathe reviews but also on related tools, accessories, and more.

Our Mission

To guide woodturning enthusiasts and professionals, and help them pick the best lathes/related tools by providing them with detailed product reviews and all the necessary information for making an informed purchase.

Our Core Values

Authenticity – Everything you find on our website is real. It comes from the experiences of our experts and people who use the products..

Communication – We listen to you and answer your questions and ideas.

Teamwork – Our website info is like a puzzle. Our experts and users like you put the pieces together to make it complete.

How ModernWoodTurning Works

Content on ModernWoodTurning is categorized into five primary sections:

Buying Guides – Discover in-depth product comparisons, product categories, related concepts, and much more.

Lathe Reviews – Read comprehensive individual lathe reviews to gain insight into top products before making a purchase.

Tool Reviews – Benefit from detailed guides featuring the finest woodturning tools selected by our experts and users.

Woodturning Projects – Spark your creativity with over a hundred woodturning project ideas.

Blog – Access a diverse range of information (both informal and valuable) pertaining to woodturning, lathes, turning tools, and beyond.

Our Team

The ModernWoodTurning team comprises woodturning professionals, lathe experts, writers, and technical specialists.

Here’s an introduction to our team members:

Daniel Bauer (Editor-in-Chief)

[email protected]

Daniel Bauer is the Editor-in-Chief and lead author at ModernWoodTurning. He is a lathe expert, possessing comprehensive knowledge of every lathe available in the market. He takes charge of guiding and mentoring the editorial team at ModernWoodTurning, ensuring the publication of only genuine and valuable information on the website.

Some popular posts by Daniel:

Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett (Lead Content Writer)

[email protected]

Mike Barrett, a passionate woodturner with years of experience, who loves bringing wood to life in amazing ways. From crafting wooden wizard wands to making cute wooden figurines, he’s a true artist.

But Mike’s creativity doesn’t stop there. He’s also a talented writer who loves creating content. That’s why he’s the lead content writer, sharing his cool ideas with others through our blog posts. His words inspire people to try new things and create their own wooden wonders.