Is Pen Turning Profitable? (Things You Need To Know)

Is pen turning profitable?

If you are considering getting into pen turning, it is important to know the facts before diving in. Is pen turning profitable? Is there a market for turned pens? How do you price them? What supplies do I need to get started turning pens? These are all questions that we will answer in this article.

In addition, we will tell you what you can expect when starting this hobby and business!

Is Pen Turning Profitable?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is it depends on what kind of pens are you selling. Making what everybody else is making will hardly make you any money. You have to learn how to stand out from other pen makers.

Be creative, stand out in the crowd!

If you are selling a pen kit for $35-$50 and want to make a profit at least break even on your product. If it is an expensive pen that requires more work to finish then one would expect compensation of at least or over 50% off the retail price.

You can sell pens for a higher price if they are unique and exclusive to your shop. If you are selling a pen that is more of an “everyday” type of item, then it may be best not to charge so much for them because there will always be someone else out there willing to sell the same product cheaper.

The marketability and desirableness of a turned pen depend on two things – the materials you use and your finished product.

How Do You Price A Turned Pen?

To price a turned pen, you’ll need to consider the type of wood and what finishing techniques will be used. Is it an expensive pen that requires more work to finish? Is this your first time turning pens or do you have experience with other types of crafts such as pottery? The knowledge and skillset determine how much effort must go into the turning process. Is this a high-end pen, or one that you’ll mass produce?

The materials and tools needed to start making turned pens also factor into pricing. You may need more expensive types of wood if it’s your first time working with them or you’re not experienced in using those kinds of woods for crafts.

If you have no idea about how much would a pen cost then you can visit Amazon or Etsy to see what products are on sale. Remember that you can also sell on those platforms.

There are a lot of possible materials you can use to make the pen, such as wood, acrylics, or metal. You can then sand it with a sander and paint it to your liking.

The tools you’ll need are also up to you: some people prefer using electric turning lathes while others enjoy using manual ones because they say they have more control over how the shape of the material.

If you want to use a wood lathe but don’t know which one to choose we recommend reading our article about the best wood lathe for pen turning. We will give you some solid options for a beginner or more advanced user as well.

What Is Needed To Start Turning Pens?

Here are some items you will need in order to turn pens:

  • A pen turning lathe.
  • A pen mandrel
  • Pen turning tools, such as a drill, sandpaper, pen press, pen tube insertion tool.
  • Pen kits, pen blanks, glue.
  • An optional item would be packaging. This could set you apart from the competition quite easily, especially if you plan on selling online.

You can start preparing your own wood or you can purchase pen blanks from online retailers.

In order to make your pens unique, you have to play with different kinds of finishes and wood/materials combinations. Playing with finishes and refining techniques are important aspects of the process in order for you to succeed at this craft. With time and effort spent comes the reward.

Once you start making a few pens, you will gain experience and refine your pen-turning techniques. You will be more efficient and save time.

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Now that you have the facts, what are you waiting for? Get started turning pens today! There is no better time than now to start this hobby or business.

With the right supplies and a little knowledge, it’s easy to get your pen turning your career off on the right foot.

We hope this blog post has answered some of your questions and given you a good idea about what pen turning is all about.

If you are ready to start, we have provided you with some great information on how to get started! You can turn pens for yourself or offer them as gifts. Plus the supplies needed are minimal so it’s not too expensive either!

Thank you for reading Is Pen Turning Profitable.