10 Easy Woodturning Projects For Craft Fairs

10 Easy Woodturning Projects for Craft Fairs

Craft fairs are a great way to sell handmade items. You can turn wood on lathes to create beautiful bowls, dishes, and spoons that will attract customers. 

If you have been looking for woodturning projects to sell at your next craft fair, we have the perfect list of 10 easy and creative woodturning projects that will appeal to a wide variety of customers.

In this article, we will go over each project in detail as well as provide pictures so you can see what they look like completed. This is a great way to get some new ideas and expand your business!

Woodturning Projects For Craft Fairs

Here are some ideas for woodturning projects that will work well at craft fairs.

Wooden Bracelet

Woodturning Projects for Craft Fairs - Wooden Bracelet

Wooden bracelets are easy wood lathe projects for beginners. They look incredible when unfinished or stained and you can finish them in just a few minutes.

This is a great woodturning project that can be sold individually to customers. The bracelet is very simple: it’s just a wooden circle.

Flower Vase

wooden flower vase

Flower vases are a really popular woodturning project for craft fairs. They’re easy to sell because they can be customized in any way the customer wants!

You can do a plain woodturning project or you could paint it and add designs on the surface.

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Kitchen Wooden Utensils

Kitchen Wooden Utensils

Kitchen utensils are an obvious choice for woodturning projects for craft fairs. There’s a lot of room to be creative with them and they’re really easy wood lathe projects, too!

You could make personalized wooden spatulas or spoons. If you want to have success with these you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd with new and innovative designs.

Wooden Succulent Planter

Wooden Succulent Planter

Perhaps one of today’s current interesting trends is succulents. These are incredibly attractive and make for an excellent woodturning project at a craft fair. You can try experimenting with different types of woods and shapes to produce a variety of options.

People who like interior design will enjoy these for sure.

Wooden Bowl

Wooden Bowl

Wooden bowls are a great woodturning project for craft fairs. They’re easy to make, and you can get creative with the shape of them as well as what type of wood you use. Try experimenting with different types from time to time so that people don’t get bored!

Wooden Candleholder

Wooden Candleholder

Candleholders are very popular woodturning projects for craft fairs because they’re relatively simple and can be customized as well. You might decide that the ideal design is just a plain cylinder, or you could try experimenting with different types of shapes. If you like using smaller pieces of wood you can carve out a design on the inside, or even try using wood-burning techniques to create an interesting pattern.

Wooden Pen

Woodturning Projects for Craft Shows

Wooden pens are a special, thoughtful gift idea to make for anyone. You can purchase pen kits that come with everything you need except the wood inside.

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Wooden Egg Cup

Woodturned egg cup for craft fair

Wooden egg cups, popular in Scandinavian design, can appeal to modern lovers. There are many design routes to go on. From the very simple small egg cup to the more intricate taller one.

Pen Holder

Woodturning Projects for Craft Fairs

There are many possibilities with woodturning and if you get your hands on high-quality materials, such as walnut, there’s plenty of cool projects to make. One popular project is a small pen holder that could also be used as a make-up brush holder!

Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin for craft fairs

Wooden rolling pins are a hot commodity on Etsy; bakers love them for their quality, and they make excellent gifts.

French rolling pins are excellent for pasta, pastry, and other delicate pastries. They’re a bit different than traditional rolling pins which makes them more versatile to sell online.

Be careful about the weight and shape of your product, if it is not adequately packaged for shipping overseas, you may have a difficult time.

Figuring Out What To Sell At The Next Craft Fair

Still not sure what woodturning projects for craft fairs you want to turn? Here are some tips for figuring out what to turn.

What do you like to turn?

What are your favorite types of woodturning projects?

This is a difficult question with many possible answers. The point of the question is to share about what you enjoy woodturning and that you can commit yourself to turn these for a long period of time.

We are looking for examples of different things you have turned that we could then sell at a craft fair. For example, if you like to turn objects between centers, some possibilities for an exhibit include honey dippers and spurtles. If you like to turn in between centers and make thicker and more robust pieces, your options may include kraut pounders.

Think about the event

Consider the event you are attending, and bring some custom-made woodturning projects for that occasion. For an upcoming Christmas Craft Fair, you could include a number of Christmas turnings in addition to your regular product line. Other events may call for different woodturning pieces—for a Farmer’s Market in the spring, garden utensils are another great idea.

If you are selling wooden bowls then consider what the purpose of your bowls might be and determine which event location would be best. If a bowl is designed for chili cook-offs, for example, then it may sell better at those events than other locations.

Product Combinations that sell at craft fairs

The key to success at a craft fair is variety.  Consider combining unrelated projects on your table, such as turning lathe pieces and pottery or even jewelry. You could also turn seasonal items such as Christmas tree ornaments in the winter. Engage visitors by asking for feedback about what they would like from you next time–the best way to grow your customer base.

A woodturning project for craft fairs will likely be a small, inexpensive item that can easily be purchased at the event.  This is because you want to turn as many sales as possible within the short duration of attendance, so having all items priced under $20 is ideal. However, there are many ways to make woodturning projects for craft fairs that are more expensive, if you want your craftsmanship to be on display.

If you want to see a lot more ideas you can do a search on Pinterest.

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If you are looking for a way to generate more income as an artist, it is time to get creative. You can turn wood on lathes into bowls, dishes, and spoons that will attract customers at your next craft fair or online store. In this article, we provided 10 easy and creative woodturning projects that would be perfect additions to any home decor collection.

We hope that you got an idea about the best Woodturning Projects for Craft Fairs that you can sell and make some money.