Jet JWL-1440VSK Wood Lathe Review (2024)

JET JWL-1440VSK 14"x40" Wood Lathe with Legs (719400K) Review

An object of beauty is a joy forever, they say. The love for aesthetic pieces will never go out of vogue. The growing desire for wooden crafts and exhibits makes carpentry a lucrative profession. Wood crating is as crucial as trimming and cutting wood.

The wood lathe is one of the essential pieces of equipment that every woodworker needs. It gives better finishing to your creations and lets you make more items in less time.

Whether woodworking is a profession or a hobby, having a suitable wood lathe is a must. A lathe comes in handy when you need to turn a log of wood into a vase, bowl, or spindle. However, to showcase your creativity on wood, you need to get the lathe that will work for you.

This post reviews the Jet JWL-1440VSK wood lathe based on its features, pros, and cons.

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JET JWL-1440VSK 14"x40" Wood Lathe with Legs (719400K)

Jet JWL-1440VSK Wood Lathe Review

Solid Iron Cast Structure

You do not want a lathe that starts to tremble when you turn the speed up a notch. Not only is it distracting, but it may also affect the final outcome. This is a problem that is seen in a lot of lathes, even from popular brands. But this is not an issue in the JWL 1400VSK because it is fitted with built-in legs. These strong and sturdy legs keep the lathe in place.

Also, the cast iron body is quite heavy and weighs around 452 pounds which is more than enough to keep the lathe grounded and in place even while operating at the highest speeds.

Powerful Motor

The lathe features a single HP motor which is an excellent deal for the price. But the power does not compromise on its efficiency and is a powerful machine in this category.

Users feel that it would not have been as efficient as it is now if the machine was given more power. You can use this lathe to work hours on end without worrying about overheating.

Variable Speed Control

This wood lathe has variable speed options, and you can control and change speeds using knob-like regulators. The knobs have a traditional design and are very similar to the knobs seen in airplanes.

Several wood lathes in the market come with variable speed settings, but this model has the best customization power of speeds and not to forget the classy knob designs.

The speeds range from 400 to 3000 RPM. You can change the speeds to the desired ranges very smoothly. You can use this wide range of variable speed options to experiment with different crafting techniques.

Sliding Headstock

You will find a 14 ½ inch swing between the centers of the lathe. This features better clarity while doing the crafting work. There is also a 12-inch tool rest that requires a few adjustments to get the spindle to stay firm, similar to the legs of a table. The headstock is not foxed; you can rotate it for bowl turning and outboard turning.

Additional Bed and Better Reading Scale

The lathe, as mentioned above, has a swing bed that is 40 inches long. It offers a space that is just right for making chair and table legs and turning railing spindles.

Another great advantage of this bed is that you can extend it up to 60 inches between the centers. This makes the Jet JWL-1440VSK perfect for both small and large wood-crafting projects. The lathe also features a laser-cut scale which helps to take better and precise readings as readings are essential in woodturning projects.

JET JWL-1440VSK 14"x40" Wood Lathe with Legs (719400K)


  • It has variable speed controls and traditional design knobs
  • The lathe body is made out of solid cast iron
  • It is easy to switch speeds
  • The speed displays are easy to read
  • The lathe is heavy and so keeps the vibrations to the minimum
  • You get enough power and control in this lathe
  • Jet JWL-1440VSK comes with an optional extension bed that can be mounted in 3 different positions.


  • Since it is heavy, portability might be an issue
  • The motor is on the right side, which might be inconvenient while using the lathe
  • The speed controls show resistance while revving it up to higher speeds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Jet JWL-1440VSK motor do the reverse?
No, its motor can only perform the front thrust

How much does the Jet JWL-1440VSK weigh? Is it easy to move?
This lathe is comparatively very heavy as it weighs 353 pounds, as mentioned by the manufacturer.

What is the swing’s size over the tool rest and the lathe bed?
The lathe’s size over the tool rest base is 11 inches and over the bed is 14 ½ inches.

What type is the Quill Taper, and how long does it go?
The Quill Taper is MT2 type and goes up to 4 ½ inches.

Does the lathe come with a stand?
Yes, this machine has two sets of legs

How can I get the extension bed for this wood lathe?
You get the extension bed when you order this lathe

Do we have to assemble it? Is it easy to assemble?
Yes, it requires some assembling. Yes, it is easy to assemble?

Can I do the assembling by myself?
No, since the lathe is quite heavy, you will need help with the assembling.

Can I add wheels to the lathe legs to move it with ease?
Yes, you can add wheels, but we recommend that you get wheels that can retract. Since the machine is heavy, it is stable when resting on the floor.

Final Word On The Jet JWL-1440VSK Wood Lathe Review

If you want something more efficient and powerful than a mini lathe but is not as high-end and extreme as a large lathe, then the Jet JWL-1440VSK is your best buy. It has its pros and cons, but the pros are impressive enough to make the cons look insignificant.
This lathe is stable, robust, has significantly less vibration, and needs very little maintenance. The lathe includes a five-year warranty that covers you in case of any malfunctions.

Thank you for reading our Jet JWL-1440VSK Wood Lathe Review.