Powermatic 3520C Lathe Review (2024)

powermatic 3520c lathe review

Powermatic is a brand that has been around for many years. They have developed some of the best wood lathes on the market, and their 3520C model is no exception. This power tool offers excellent features with a modern design to make it user-friendly.

A serious woodworker will find this machine perfect for all kinds of projects. If you are someone who enjoys working with your hands in a creative way, then this may be what you’ve been looking for!

The Powermatic 3520C Wood Lathe is a high-end, powerful, and top-quality product designed for experienced users. It’s an outstanding power tool that will be able to handle the toughest jobs with ease. If you’re looking for a machine that can really get the job done, this one should be at the top of your list! Read on to find out more about its features and benefits.

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Powermatic 3520C Lathe Review


Weighing over 725 lbs., the Powermatic 3520C is 96 lbs. heavier than its predecessor, the 3520B. This lathe’s headstock, tailstock, and legs are made of heavy-duty iron which ultimately provides for a stable work surface with little to no vibration issues. The Powermatic features riser blocks in order to be adjusted in height – maximizing comfort while woodturning your favorite projects.

powermatic 3520c lathe review


If you need to work with wood in a larger size, then this is the best option for your needs. The machine comes equipped with a powerful motor for moving very heavy pieces of wood and speeds from high-speed to low enough to create intricate details on the wood.

The 2 HP, single-phase, 220-volt motor of this lathe can handle large and off-balance workpieces. Its electronic variable speed ranges from 15 to 1,200 RPM on low speed and 40 to 3,200 RPM on high. 15 RPM is good for intricate work while 3,200 RPM does a great job with larger pieces.


The magnetic control box positions conveniently on the lathe and offer convenient access to controls. Digital spindle speed and indexing readouts are set in a centralized location, giving easy access to power switches.

This lathe provides 36 inches of working distance between centers and a 20-inch swing over the bed, allowing for advanced turnings. The precision-ground bed ensures that the tailstock and tool rest will comfortably move without any snags. It comes with an upgraded banjo that incorporates a pinch-style clamp to keep your workplace safer than before.

The Powermatic 3520C Wood Lathe has a self-locating, ergonomic spindle lock, which is easy and convenient to use with only one hand. Additionally, Acme threads promote smooth turning for better results and longevity. The lathe also features dead centers that hold the spindle so you can examine it and a sliding hammer knockout rod with a brass tip.

A 20-in. bed extension is available for the lathe, raising its capacity to 56 in. (between centers) and allowing outboard turning of large projects. The tool’s optional bed extension mount can be positioned at two different angles.

The  Powermatic 3520C Lathe, CSA Certified and backed by a 5-year warranty, has service centers available throughout the United States.

powermatic 3520c lathe review

More Features

  • The control box for this product is fully movable, which provides users with maximum versatility.
  • The main power switch is located on the headstock of this product.
  • Unique self-locating ergonomic spindle lock design complements the lathe’s other features for easy, one-handed operation.
  • The upgraded banjo boasts a non-marring, pinch-style clamp for solid tool rest placement.
  • The extended spindle nose provides increased access to the workpieces.
  • It has adjustable riser blocks to adjust the height up to 6 inches, which allows maximum comfort for taller users.
  • The tailstock includes an Anti-rotation key and Acme threads for smoother operation and longevity.
  • Digital Indexing Readout simplifies the indexing process, providing precise accuracy.
  • Fully enclosed VFD for maximum user protection.
  • It can be operated at speeds as low as 15 RPM.
  • The Powermatic 3520C Wood Lathe weighs 726 lbs (814 lb with bed extension), ensuring increased stability.
  • The 3520C has up to a 35-inch between-center.
  • Optional safety shield.

Who Can Benefit The Most From This Wood Lathe?

This wood lathe is perfect for both home workshops and professional use. It is designed for experienced users who need a powerful, top-quality product that can handle any project.

The experienced users will be able to justify the price paid and use this lathe efficiently. If you are not working full-time in this industry or not planning to start your home business then you might want to skip this wood lathe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the max RPM on the Powermatic 3520C?

A: It can go from 15 RPM to around 4,000 RPM.

Q: What is the bed swing on this lathe?

A: 20” swing or 10” from center to bed.

Q: What is the length and diameter of the wood that can be used?

A: 35” long and 20” diameter.

Q: How much does the headstock weigh?

A: The headstock weighs around 160 pounds.

Conclusion Of The Powermatic 3520C Lathe Review

The 3520C is a great option for the serious woodworker. It offers excellent features with a modern design, making it user-friendly and perfect for all kinds of projects!

If you’re looking for the best lathe on the market, this one should be at the top of your list. And with its features and benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why so many people have been singing praises about how powerful and high-quality this machine is. This tool can handle any job you throw at it.

We hope we’ve helped give you some insight into whether or not a power lathe like this would work well for you!

Thank you for reading our Powermatic 3520c Lathe Review!