6 Best Wood Lathes For Home Workshop In 2024

Best Wood Lathe For Home Workshop

Everyone who enjoys woodworking needs a lathe. It’s the single most important tool in any workshop and is used for everything from building furniture to creating bowls.

If you’re looking for a new one but don’t know where to start, this article will give you some advice on what to look out for when choosing a new wood lathe. We’ll also show what we believe are the best wood lathes for your home workshop available today!

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What Is A Wood Lathe And How Does It Work?

A wood lathe is a tool that allows you to shape and carve pieces of timber. It works by spinning the piece on an axis (usually driven by a motor) while simultaneously moving tools along it so they can be used. There are many different techniques for using these machines, but the basic principles remain the same regardless of what you want to do.

Wood lathes have been used by woodworkers for centuries and they are still a vital part of any workshop today. They’re not limited to making furniture. You can use them for all sorts of projects from building furniture to creating bowls!

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What Is The Best Wood Lathe For My Workshop?

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Baileigh WL-2060VS Heavy Duty Wood Lathe Best Wood Lathe for Home Shop Check Price
backpac WEN 3421 12″ Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe Best budget wood lathe for home shop Check Price
cordlessblower NOVA 46300 Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe 12-Inch x 16 1/2-Inch   Check Price
cordlessblower SHOP FOX W1704 1/3-Horsepower Benchtop Lathe   Check Price
cordlessblower Delta Industrial 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe   Check Price
cordlessblower JET JWL-1221VS 12″x21″ Variable-Speed Wood Lathe   Check Price

Baileigh WL-2060VS Heavy Duty Wood Lathe (Best Wood Lathe For Home Shop)

Baileigh WL-2060VS Heavy Duty Variable Speed Wood Turning Pattern Makers Lathe

The Baileigh WL-2060VS Heavy Duty Wood Lathe is considered to be the best wood lathe for a home workshop. It’s easy to set up and use with its accurate variable speed settings that range from 0 RPM to 3200 RPM. The power comes from either a 220V single phase or a 115V two-phase power supply.

It also has an easy-to-use belt drive system. This system provides smooth and accurate turning performance while minimizing vibration.

The main downside with this wood lathe is the price, which can be prohibitive for some people who want the best of the best but you get what you pay for. 

The Cast iron bed, legs, and headstock provide a heavy-duty and rugged design that is ideal for the workshop environment.

The included variable speed control allows you to create different types of woodturning projects with ease. From spindle work such as pens or bowls to larger pieces like chessboards or lampstands, this product can do it all.

This wood lathe is a powerhouse and will handle everything from small pens to large lamps without any issue. It features an adjustable tailstock center height, which makes it easier to turn smaller pieces of wood. The variable speed control also allows for both spindle work.

With this lathe’s versatility, durability, and features it is among the best in woodturning – but you do pay a premium for those features.

WEN 3421 3.2-Amp 8″ by 12″ Variable Speed Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe (Best Affordable Lathe)

WEN 3421 3.2-Amp 8" by 12" Variable Speed Mini Benchtop Wood Lathe

Thus, the WEN 3421 is a great option for your home workshop. This product is perfect for people that want to get started with woodturning but don’t want to spend a lot of money in the process.

This mini lathe has all the features you need and is just as durable as its larger sibling, but it’s also affordably priced so that novices can get started without breaking their budgets. 

The WEN 3421 is made from cast iron with an aluminum base. It includes a powerful variable-speed motor, adjustable belt system with a quick-release lever, tool rest extension wing for increased capacity.

It also has a convenient on/off switch that eliminates the need to reach behind the machine when starting or stopping it in order to shut off power safely.

The WEN 3421 is perfect for someone who’s looking for a reliable and easy-to-use lathe to get started in woodturning.

You can produce pens, bowls, cups, chess pieces, and other small workpieces on this lathe quite easily.

The WEN 3421 is one of the best woodturners for home use because it’s a perfect starter machine and easy to set up, maintain, and operate.

This machine is the best wood lathe for someone who wants to start turning in their own home workshop or garage and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on expensive equipment. 

NOVA 46300 Comet II Variable Speed Mini Lathe 12-Inch x 16 1/2-Inch

The Nova Comet II is the best wood lathe for home use if you’re looking to make a variety of small and medium-sized projects.

This machine has a 12″ swing, which makes it perfect for someone who wants to do bowls, pens, cups, chess pieces, and other smaller workpieces without having to get out their sandpaper.

The craftsmanship and design are superior, with a heavy-duty cast iron base. In addition to the features that make it perfect for smaller projects, this machine is also an excellent choice because of its ability to go up in speed. From low (250 RPM) to high (4000 RPM). This allows you to use whatever tools you need without worrying about the impact on your work.

This lathe has a digital readout that makes it easy to use and learn. It also has an optional tailstock, which is convenient when you need more stability for heavier workpieces or projects.

This lathe is a little more expensive than some of its competitors, but it’s worth every penny and will last for many years to come. 

SHOP FOX W1704 1/3-Horsepower Benchtop Lathe

SHOP FOX W1704 1/3-Horsepower Benchtop Lathe

This powerful benchtop lathe is designed for both your home workshop and professional needs. It has a variable speed that ranges from 700 to 3200 RPM to satisfy the demands of various projects. This versatility makes this machine perfect for turning bowls, pens, and even rifle barrels.

The 12″ swing is plenty to accommodate any project you may have in mind. The spindle bore measures at a whopping ¾ of an inch which means that it can easily handle material up to 14 inches in diameter!

The W1704 includes both a 4-1/2 and 7-inch tool rest for various turning applications. This gives it the capabilities of an all-around lathe. With a 13-inch distance between centers and an 8-inch swing over the bed, this lathe is perfect for a wide variety of projects.

This useful tool from Woodstock International will be a great asset for any pen turner as it is a bench-top model and perfect for small cutting or shaping projects.

Delta Industrial 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe

The Delta 46-460 is an amazing wood lathe for a residential workshop. It provides enough power and speed to turn pieces of all sizes, including highly figured woods. To maximize efficiency, you can adjust the machine from 1,750 rpm down to 250 rpm.

The indexing pin allows the user to lock the headstock spindle in 24 different locations, making it suitable for fluting and other decorative applications.

The lathe can be operated in both forward and reverse, which will make it easy to achieve a superior finish.

The built-in belt tensioner has a quick-release lever with a built-in pressure indicator that allows you to quickly and easily change speeds. This is perfect for when you need a slower speed on the lathe. And even if you work with large pieces of stock, the wide six groove design will provide plenty of power to get these larger jobs done.

JET JWL-1221VS 12″x21″ Variable-Speed Wood Lathe (719200)

 JET JWL-1221VS 12"x21" Variable-Speed Wood Lathe (719200)

This JET 12″x21″ wood lathe is a perfect addition to your home workshop. With variable-speed control, this machine can go from 3600 rpm down to 60 rpm. You will be able to find the best speed for any project. You’ll also love how smoothly it operates at lower speeds.

This machine has a number of features that make it easy to use, even for beginners. The controls are all labeled and very accessible on the front panel. You won’t have to guess what each one does. And, with an included digital readout display showing both speed and feed rates in either metric or imperial measurements, this JET lathe is very easy to operate.

This JET Wood Lathe also has a few safety features that make it much safer than other models. The headstock lock prevents the tool rest from being accidentally moved. This can cause major injury. And since this lathe sits on four locking casters, you won’t have to worry about it tipping over.

Two handy tool caddies are included with this lathe. The onboard storage is a convenient place to keep your tools when not in use. It can even be used as additional work surface space if you need more room for jobs that require more than one tool at once!

The JET Woodworking 14-inch wood lathe is a great choice for beginners and experts alike looking to buy their first machine, or upgrade from an older model. The power provided by this machine will make any project easy to complete, and the included features are designed with the user’s safety in mind.

How To Choose A Good Wood Lathe For Home Use

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a wood lathe for your home workshop:

  • Cost: If you are looking to buy your first lathe it might be best to stick with a less expensive machine. Don’t spend that much on a tool that will only get used every once in a while!
  • Size and weight: The size of the wood lathe is important, but it can be a false economy to go for something too large. You might not have space in your workshop, or you may find that the machine is simply too heavy and difficult to move around.
  • Features: When looking at features, think about what you are going to use the lathe for most often. If you are looking for a tool to turn pens, then it is not necessary to buy an expensive lathe that has lots of features.
  • Extra features: If you are considering a lathe with extra features, find out how well these work in practice. You might be paying more for something that will never get used!

Final Thoughts On The Best Wood Lathe For The Home Workshop

One of the most important tools in any workshop is a lathe. You can use it to create and finish many different products, ranging from art pieces to household objects like bowls and even doorknobs.

A wood lathe is a powerful tool to add to your workshop, however, there’s an overwhelming amount of choices. There are many different types of lathes available today with all sorts of features you might not know what they’re for or how they work. That’s why we’ve created this list of our favorite woodworking lathes on the market right now. So that you don’t have to spend hours searching through product descriptions trying to figure out which one will suit your needs best! 

If you need some advice narrowing down your options before making a purchase, look no further than here! You won’t regret it.