Grizzly Industrial T25926 Review (2024)

Grizzly Industrial T25926 Review

The Grizzly Industrial T25926 lathe is a great lathe when it comes to woodworking.

Grizzly is known for making quality machinery, and this Grizzly Industrial T25926 Review shows why that is the case. Grizzly’s attention to detail makes their tool line one of the best in its class.

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Grizzly Industrial T25926 Review

The Grizzly Industrial T25926 Wood Lathe is a heavy-duty lathe that has been designed to last for years. It comes with the features you need, like a digital spindle speed indicator and variable speed controls, but it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of more expensive models.

Grizzly Industrial T25926 Review

If you are looking for an affordable lathe to get started in woodworking or your workshop needs an upgrade, this model may be right for you. 

The Grizzly Industrial T25926 Benchtop Wood Lathe has a 16 ¾-inch turning capacity as well as 10-inches of turning radius. When turning small pieces of wood, it’s often difficult to find the right space, but versatility is essential.

This lathe also has variable spindle speeds that vary from 650 RPM to 3800 RPM.

Precision is easy with the Grizzly Industrial T25926 Wood Lathe. Featuring a digital spindle speed indicator, you can dial in precisely how fast or slow the lathe will spin.

Finally, it is built with a durable, light cast-iron construction that can withstand daily wear and tear while still remaining light enough to be moved around.

The Grizzly Industrial T25926 Wood Lathe is a good option for people with a small workspace who don’t want to compromise performance.


The Grizzly Industrial T25926 Benchtop Lathe operates at variable speeds between 650 RPM and 3800 RPM.

The Grizzly Industrial T25926 Wood Lathe is an outstanding choice for in-home woodworking projects. The digital readout display improves accuracy and makes it easier to turn at your desired speed.


Despite its small stature, the Grizzly Industrial T25926 Wood Lathe offers power that might surprise.

The 3.2-amp motor of this lathe provides enough torque for smaller and some medium-sized turning operations and workpieces.


With its durability and small dimensions, the Grizzly Industrial T25926 Benchtop Wood Lathe is ideal for woodturning projects at home or in a workshop.

This lathe has heavy-duty cast iron construction, so regardless of the situation and setting, it will stand up to regular wear. The T25926 is lightweight and can be moved around the workshop quicker than heavier models.

This wood lathe weighs just ‎74 pounds and its dimensions are ‎17 x 32.5 x 12 inches.

Power and Performance

The 3.2 amp motor on this wood lathe offers precision, power, and flexibility. The Grizzly Industrial T25926 Wood Lathe is a great size for someone who wants to take on smaller and medium woodturning operations with ease.

Ease of Use

One of the best features about the Grizzly Industrial T25926 Benchtop Wood Lathe is how easy it is to use.

This wood lathe features an LCD display with digital readouts that eliminates the need for guesswork. With the 10” turning radius it is easier than ever to work in tight quarters.


  • Motor: 1/2 HP, 110V, single-phase, 6A
  • Swing over bed: 10″
  • Swing over tool rest base: 7-1/4″
  • Distance between centers: 18″
  • Tool rest width: 5-3/4″
  • Spindle size: 1″ x 8 TPI RH
  • Spindle speed: Variable, 650–3800 RPM
  • Tailstock and spindle taper: MT #2
  • Three different speed ranges to maximize torque at all available speeds


  • Variable speed control
  • Digital readout
  • Affordable
  • Solid power


  • Not recommended for bigger projects
  • The lowest speed is still on the higher side
Grizzly Industrial T25926 Wood Lathe Review

Who Should Buy The Grizzly Industrial T25926?

The Grizzly Industrial T25926 Wood Lathe is a compact wood lathe for amateur woodworkers with limited space in their workshop or garage.

This machine can do smaller workpieces that require more precision and accuracy. It also has a digital readout to adjust the speed.

If you want to see more options then we recommend that you check out our top 6 wood lathes for your home workshop.

Maintenance, Repairs, Warranty

Maintenance on the Grizzly Industrial T25926 Benchtop Wood Lathe is simple.

Centers and cutting tools can be removed with no issue. A quick blow-off and wipe down will make your lathe cleaner and more ready to handle the next operation. Be sure to keep your eyes on the centers and cutting tools. They can wear out over time.

Be aware of tool wear and replace them as needed to avoid compromising the quality of your work.

Every Grizzly Industrial product comes equipped with a two-year limited warranty.

The warranty on the Grizzly Industrial T25926 Wood Lathe protects from material or manufacturing defects that can limit its effectiveness.

Keep in mind that the warranty is voided through improper care, use, and maintenance. To find warranty information about anything in Grizzly’s catalog, head over to the company’s Warranty page.

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After considering all of the features and benefits, it is clear that this lathe will be a great addition to any woodworker’s shop. The Grizzly Industrial T25926 Lathe can tackle just about anything you want to do with your project, whether it’s sanding or turning.

This machine is built for versatility and efficiency in various different jobs around the workshop. If you’re looking for a good machine that won’t break the bank, then take a look at what we have here!

The Grizzly Industrial T25926 Benchtop Wood Lathe provides surprising power in a bench-top model. The 3.4-amp motor offers plenty of torque for smaller turning operations while pairing with a digital spindle speed control makes programming variable speeds easier than ever before.

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