Top 3 Best Large Wood Lathes in 2024

Best Large Wood Lathes

Lathes are essential tools for the woodworker. They allow you to turn pieces of wood into precise shapes, and they can be used for a variety of projects. There are many different types of lathes on the market, and they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Lathes that can handle large pieces of wood are a valuable tool for hobbyists and professional woodworkers. Some of the best large wood lathes in this category are those from Grizzly, Jet, and Powermatic. Each offers features that make it well-suited for different types of work.

In this article, we will review the top 3 best large wood lathes available for sale so you can make an informed decision when purchasing one.

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Best Large Wood Lathes

Product Turning Capacity Price
Powermatic 3520C Powermatic 3520C 20″ x 36″ SEE BEST PRICE

These lathes can handle large projects with ease and make detailed workpieces that are perfect for sale. Let’s get started and review them in more details.

Powermatic 3520C (20″ x 36″ Lathe)

Powermatic Large Wood Lathe

This 20″ x 36″ lathe is perfect for the precision turning of a wide range of materials. The headstock contains a digital readout, making accurate indexing simple and precise. With its powerful motor and steady construction, the Powermatic 3520C is perfect for any workshop.

The Powermatic 3520C is a 20″ x 36″ lathe that offers customizable versatility and safety. The magnetic-backed moveable control box can be placed in the most ideal position, and the heavy-duty cast iron bed ensures smooth operation.

This lathe is a great machine for wood-turning projects. The riser blocks allow for four inches of height adjustment, making it more comfortable to work with. With the included digital read-out, it’s easy to get the precision you need when turning your project.

The Powermatic 3520C, 20″ x 36″ Lathe, has a fully-enclosed VFD to provide increased user protection. This lathe is ideal for hobbyists and small businesses who need an industrial quality machine at a decent price. The variable speed control allows the user to adjust the speed of the cut to match the project.


  • Powerful 2HP motor
  • Moveable control box
  • Can maintain speeds as low as 15 RPM
  • Solid Construction


  • None

JET JWL-1840EVS (18″ x 40″ Wood Lathe)

JET JWL-1840EVS Large Wood Lathe

The first product on our list is the JET JWL-1840EVS, 18″ x 40″ Wood Lathe. This is a large, heavy-duty lathe that can handle projects up to 18″ in diameter with ease. The generous 40″ distance between the centers will allow you to work on a variety of medium and large-size projects.

The JET JWL-1840EVS Wood Lathe is perfect for the woodworker who wants to be able to adjust the speed of the lathe on-the-fly. With its conveniently located digital readout, you can adjust the speed from 40 to 3,200 RPM with ease, making it perfect for any project you might be working on.

With the JET JWL-1840EVS Wood Lathe, you can easily position the sliding headstock to get the perfect results every time. Plus, the heavy-duty cast iron construction provides superior stability and durability.

If you’re looking for a wood lathe that will maximize your working comfort, the JET JWL-1840EVS is a perfect choice. It features 4″ cast iron risers that allow you to adjust the height of the lathe, so you can work in a position that’s most comfortable for you. Plus, its powerful 2 HP motor lets you tackle even the most challenging projects.

The JET Wood Lathe is a high-quality machine that makes turning wood into beautiful pieces easy and safe. The convenient safety features include a magnetic-backed, remote emergency stop button that can be situated along the lathe bed, so you can quickly stop the machine if needed.


  • Solid Construction
  • Powerful 2 HP motor
  • Variable Speed from 40 to 3,200 RPM


  • No pivoting headstock

JET JWL-1640EVS (16″ x 40″ Woodworking Lathe)

JET JWL-1640EVS Large Wood Lathe

The second-best large wood lathe is a smaller version of the previous jet lathe. If you feel like the 16″ swing is enough for you and you want to save a bit of money, then this is the perfect choice for you.

This woodturning lathe is perfect for anyone who wants to create bowls, pens, and bigger projects as well. The infinitely variable speed control means that you can always find the right speed for the project you’re working on. The 16″ x 40″ bed provides plenty of space to work on large projects, and the included tool rest makes it easy to get started.

The JET JWL-1640EVS 16″ x 40″ woodworking lathe is perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. It features a leg-mounted tool holder and an easy-to-access digital readout, making it easy to get the most out of your projects. With its precision machining and durable construction, this lathe is built to last.

This powerful wood lathe offers a lot of features for the money. It has an inverter that is completely enclosed for safety, and it also comes with added protection against overloads. This means you can use it with confidence to create beautiful pieces of woodwork.

The JET JWL-1640EVS 16″ x 40″ Woodworking Lathe is perfect for various projects. With a sliding headstock, this lathe can be used for larger pieces of wood. The variable speed control allows you to change the speed depending on the project you’re working on, while the digital readout ensures accuracy.


  • The 1.5 hp DC motor is smooth and quiet
  • Solid construction
  • Convenient tool holder on the leg of the lathe


  • The included faceplate is only 3 inches

Best Large Wood Lathes Buying Guide

When it comes to the best large wood lathes, there are a few different factors to consider.


Lathes are machines that are used to shape wood. The size of a lathe can affect the amount of work that can be done in a short period of time. Lathes come in a variety of sizes, from small lathes that are used for hobbyists to large industrial lathes that are used for manufacturing.

Larger lathes can handle projects like furniture legs and baseball bats, so make sure you get a large lathe if you are looking to make large projects.


The motor of a wood lathe is one of the most important parts of the machine. A good motor will help you turn larger projects faster and with less effort. The best motors are typically durable and can handle high amounts of torque, which is important when turning large pieces of wood.


Wood lathes can be a great tool to have in a workshop. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks. A well-built wood lathe can last for years.

If you are looking for a wood lathe that is reliable and will last, then consider investing in one that has cast iron construction. This will lower the vibrations, and it will also make the lathe more durable and easier to maintain.


There are many wood lathes on the market, but what is the price of a good one? Lathes can range in price from around $200 to over $5,000. The price of a lathe is based on several factors, such as the quality of the construction and the features it includes.

Obviously, an expensive wood lathe will have more useful features and turning capacity. The larger the lathe, the more expensive it is.

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What Is A Large Wood Lathe Used For?

Woodturning lathes are usually used to shape wood into cylindrical shapes. Items made on a lathe, such as furniture legs, lamp posts, baseball bats, bowls, and others, are all made of wood.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the three best large wood lathes all have their own unique benefits and features that make them stand out from the rest. If you are in the market for a large wood lathe, any of these three would be a great option to consider.