What Machine Can Make A Baseball Bat?

What machine can make a baseball bat

Have you ever wondered how a baseball bat is made? What machine can make a baseball bat? Well, there are many different types of machines that can be used to create one. The most popular type of machine for making bats is called a wood lathe.

It’s the old standby and it does more than just make bats: it also creates bowls, pens, candlesticks, and other small items.

What Machine Can Make A Baseball Bat?

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A wood lathe has an adjustable headstock with a rotating shaft on which the workpiece (the piece being shaped) sits or turns. The operator holds a chisel in their hand and uses them to shape the end product as the workpiece rotates.

The other type of machine that can make a baseball bat is the CNC (computer numerical control) router. This particular machine uses computer software to create shapes and then cuts these shapes out of wood with an automated cutting tool. What makes this different than using just any old table router is that the software can produce more complex shapes and also has a higher level of precision.

CNC machines are a lot more expensive than wood lathes. But either way, you can expect to invest quite a bit of money. If will also need some tools like chisels, sanding paper, maybe a table saw. All of this can get expensive.

What Wood Lathe To Buy For Baseball Bats

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to buying a wood lathe for baseball bats. What size of wood should the machine be able to accommodate? What power will your work area circuit allow and what is your budget?

Usually, you will need a wood lathe that has at least 30″ between the centers. You need enough space to fit the wood that will turn into a baseball bat. You can find all the information you need in this article about the best wood lathe for turning baseball bats.

Other things to look for in a lathe are speed, power of the motor, and weight. Make sure you have enough room for it in your workshop or garage. Variable speeds are also very nice to have. What about the price point? What is your budget for this project?

It’s not unusual to find a wood lathe priced in the $700-1000 range, which can be pricey if you’re just starting out. But remember that there are all sorts of lathes on Amazon and other sites.

With a wood lathe, you can make more than just baseball bats. You can also turn pens, bowls, table legs, and much more.

What Is The Best Wood For A Baseball Bat?

Typically, these bats are made from wood like ash or maple because they’re strong yet light in weight; however, you could use other materials if desired. You need to know what type of material your end product will be made from.

Maple is the most popular type of wood for bats because it’s light in weight and strong. What makes maple such a good candidate is that the grain tends to be straight so they are easier to work with than other types of wood.

Before maple bats became popular, most traditional wood bats were made of ash. Like maple, it was also flexible but thanks to its lighter weight – ash is generally considered the best bat for children and/or softball players.

Hickory bats have no flex, but they are the heaviest and hardest of all types of wood for bat making. These old-fashioned bats were once very popular in Major League Baseball but now only a handful are still used there.

A variety of trees and wood can be used to make a bat. Today, hollow metal bats are the standard in most amateur baseball leagues outside North America.

How Much Is A Wood Bat?

The price of a wood bat varies depending on the type, model the weight of the barrel, and whether it is sanded or not. A wooden baseball bat is made with either ash or maple lumber that has been cut to specific lengths.

The price usually starts at $75 and goes up from there. More expensive models can go for about $250. The weight of the barrel has an effect on how much it will cost as does whether or not you need specialty bats like ones with maple necks, weighted handles, or composite construction.

This makes turning wooden bats a decent way to earn some money if you have a wood lathe and the skill necessary. You can check Etsy to see what sells. Many people make a living by turning wooden objects and selling them online.


In this blog post, we talked about the different types of machines that can be used to create a baseball bat.

The most popular type is called a wood lathe and it does more than just making bats. It also creates bowls, pens, candlesticks, and other small items too! 

I hope you found this information interesting. Thank you for reading!