Top 4 Best Wood Turning Aprons To Get The Job Done (2024)

Best Wood Turning Aprons

There are so many different types of aprons out there. Some people like to use them for painting, some people use them when they’re cooking, and still, others only wear them in the garden. But what about woodturning?

There’s a lot of material that can get on your clothes when you’re turning wood (sawdust is especially bad), and this means that you need to be prepared with the best type of protection possible before working with any piece of wood!

If you want your clothes to stay clean while you work – whether it’s in the home or at an art show – then I recommend one of these five best wood turning aprons below.

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Best Wood Turning Aprons

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Woodworking Shop Apron Easily repels water and oil-based stains
Adjustable side straps
Front pockets are big and deep, with flaps that can be folded over to keep out dust
Check Price
backpac Briteree Woodworking Aprons Plenty of storage for all those small things
Durable-yet-comfortable 100% waxed canvas
Check Price
cordlessblower Hudson Durable Goods – Waxed Canvas Apron Adjustable and with plenty of roomy pockets plus chest pocket Check Price
cordlessblower Real Progressive Leather Apron Made from genuine cowhide leather material Check Price

Here are the five best wood-turning aprons that you can use to get your work done. I’ve included a little bit of information on each, so it’s easy for you to pick out the one best suited to your needs and budget!

Here are the Best Wood Turning Aprons:

Woodworking Shop Apron

The Woodworking Shop Apron is both utilitarian and stylish, perfect for any job.

The apron easily repels water and oil-based stains while maintaining its longevity even when subjected to high levels of oils and humidity.

Best Wood Turning Aprons

For the wearer, the adjustable side straps ensure enough room for comfort but don’t lose their adjustment!

This versatile apron is reinforced with grommets and rivets that ensure that this thick top is extra strong. 

Also includes a safety glasses strap and metal tape holder. The best part? These aprons are machine washable!

The ultra-durable cotton canvas resists shrinking which maintains its shape through many washings. This is an essential trade item that every woodworker MUST have in their shop at all times!

The pockets on the apron have been strategically positioned to provide you with everything you need at your fingertips, rather than hunting for it all the time.

Front pockets are big and deep, with flaps that can be folded over to keep out dust. The “cell phone pocket” is large enough to accommodate an iPhone 8+ and features a zip to prevent it from getting out.

The buckle of the apron has a fast-release feature and a design that is easy to and fully extend. This is excellent because it accommodates any body type and preference. It’s simple to put on and take off since it stays in place without slipping off after you’ve adjusted it to your size.

You’ve been looking for a premium, reliable work apron and you found it.

Briteree Woodworking Aprons

You know a man’s best friend is his tool kit. That’s why Briteree has got you covered with the smoothest work apron on the market to ensure your tools are always within reach and ready for use, along with plenty of storage for all those small things that end up getting lost in the bottomless pit that is your workshop or garage.

And it doesn’t just look great either! The waxed canvas provides protection from spills and scratches too.

Briteree Best Wood Turning Aprons

It’s made of special durable-yet-comfortable 100% waxed canvas with double stitching and 9 tool pockets for holding just about any small part you need.

The Magnetic patch means you can store nails, screws, or other parts right at your fingertips without having to use up an entire pocket for them. The flaps over the smaller tool pockets prevent pesky sawdust from getting in there too!

Wearing this apron is simple and quick because of the snap-fit design around the waist. Adjustable x-back for a properly fitting fit. 27.3′ ‘W x 33’ H Full coverage workshop apron with snap-fit design around the waist.

Comes with a gift box and user instructions, making it an excellent present for people who do carpentry or gardening. It’s the ideal present for your father.

Hudson Durable Goods (Waxed Canvas Apron)

Your go-to workshop utility apron, the Hudson Durable Goods waxed canvas aprons is tough enough to withstand wear and tear.

Available in men’s or women’s sizes with adjustable cross back straps, long waist strap (50″), full coverage 27″x34″, plenty of roomy pockets plus chest pocket for pens and cell phone—you’ll be fully equipped for any job.

Hudson Durable Goods

Crafted from a heavy-duty waxed canvas, the durable apron can withstand water and any chemicals you might try to use on it.

One of the best things about this apron is that it works for everyone! They’re perfect for shop aprons, blacksmith aprons, gardener aprons, artist aprons, and more. Made with two large tool pockets, this canvas apron will take care of all your needs when you need it most.

And the professional style means it looks great when making complex cuts in the woodshop or even when grooming dogs in town – it comes in black for classic blacksmithing appearances too.

Real Progressive Leather Apron

You’ll look and feel like a pro when you’re wearing this leather apron. These professional barbers, jewelers, chefs, baristas, workshop employees, hairstylists versatile pieces of equipment will help to protect your clothing from accidental spills or stains while you work.

The timeless style of the vintage craft design makes it an ideal all-purpose accessory for food preparation and serving – in addition to furnishing protection for hands and clothes while working on precision tasks such as turning wood.

Real Progressive Leather Aprons

Made from genuine cowhide leather material, it will last long enough so that you won’t have to buy another one for years on end!

With this leather apron, you can be certain that your clothing will stay dry and clean. Aprons are made from durable fabrics and seams, which endure harsh working conditions while retaining their good looks for an extended period of time.

Thanks to the adjustable leather aprons straps make it is easy to customize any way that suits you best; this provides not only increased comfort but functionality too! No matter what job is at hand, we’ve got just the right tool for the task.

What Makes A Good Woodworking Apron?

Here are some of the best features to look for when you are searching for a good woodturning apron.


Make sure that it has plenty of pockets to store your tools. It is also important that these different compartments have flaps so as not to let any dust in there either!


The best material for a woodturning apron is 100% waxed canvas. It’s durable, comfortable, and also able to resist water!


Finally, you want an apron that feels really good when wearing it. Make sure the straps are adjustable so they fit exactly how you like them to too.

Now you know what to look for in a woodturning apron, make sure you check out our top four best choices above!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an apron for woodturning?

An apron is an important piece of equipment for woodturners, especially if you want to keep your clothes clean.
Another thing that makes an apron good for woodturning is the pockets. You can store your tools in your pockets to keep them close by while you are working.

What should I look for in a shop apron?

When shopping for a shop apron, you should look for these features:
– plenty of pockets to keep all tools organized and easy to reach
– durable materials and 100% waxed canvas
-easily adjustable straps and waistband for best comfortability

What are woodworking aprons made of?

Your woodworking apron should be made of leather, canvas, or some other material that’s suitable for working with wood. Leather and canvas are the finest materials for a woodworking apron. The majority of canvas aprons are constructed with a combination of cotton canvas and leather canvas.

How long should a shop apron be?

Depending on how tall you are, the best length for a shop apron is anywhere between 32″ and 36″.

Final Thoughts

Aprons are available for many different reasons, and these aprons can become a staple in any woodturner’s workshop.

If you’re going to be turning wood or other material that will make your clothes dirty, then it may be best to invest in the right type of protection before getting started!

We hope this helps you find The Best Wood Turning Aprons!