4 Best Woodturning Hollowing Tools In 2024 (Full Buying Guide)

Best Woodturning Hollowing Tool

Woodturners are known for their attention to detail. Whether it be a simple bowl with beautiful wood grain or an intricate vase, the turner has always given careful consideration to every last detail. As you can imagine, hollowing is no exception. For this process, you will need the best woodturning hollowing tool and we have found some great ones that will make your life easier!

The tools come in all shapes and sizes but they all serve one purpose: to remove material from inside of bowls or other similar pieces of wood that are being turned on a lathe. In this article, we will review 4 best woodturning hollowing tools available on the market!

What Is A Hollowing Tool And What Does It Do?

A hollowing tool is an essential tool for any woodturner that uses a lathe. It is designed to cut out the interior of turned objects.

The best hollowing tools will have sharp edges on them, allowing you to remove large pieces of material very quickly. Hollowing tools can be used on bowls, vases/vessels, platters, and plinths.

When using a hollowing tool, it’s best not to go too deep into the wall of your object in one cut. The best results are typically when you remove only about 1/16″ in each pass. This is so you don’t break through the bottom center of your piece while cutting.

4 Best Woodturning Hollowing Tools

  Product Details   Price
backpac Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tools Set Best woodturning hollowing toolset SEE BEST PRICE
backpac PSI Woodworking LCHOL3C Best for small projects and accurate work SEE BEST PRICE
cordlessblower Hollower Swan Neck Woodturning Lathe finisher Tool Best for hobbyist or DIY SEE BEST PRICE
cordlessblower Easy Wood Tools 3505 Pro Size Easy Hollower #3 Best woodturning hollowing tool for beginners SEE BEST PRICE

While there are many different types available on the market today, these four would be our top choices. Let’s have a closer look at them!

Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tools Set
(Best Woodturning Hollowing Tool)

Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tools Set (Best Woodturning Hollowing Tool)

The Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tools Set has tungsten carbide tips that are durable and will last for years. Unlike the wood handle tools on the market, they are beautifully coated for added durability.

The material used is of high quality with a stainless steel bar and aluminum alloy handles that have excellent ergonomics which provide a sure grip. Each tool is also beautifully coated, unlike other brands on the market who only glue them together which does not hold up to the vibration of use.

The benefits of this set are numerous – solid construction with nice coating ensures durability, long length shafts for stability in use, and more.

The turning system includes:

  • 11 “shank,
  • longer 9.8 “shank extension,
  • gooseneck hollow tool,
  • (3) 8.3″ shafts with a carbide cutting head of the circle, square or diamond, each carbide tipped,
  • T15 wrench,
  • sturdy storage box.

Simplified learning by turning, with no difficult angles to learn or remember for all skill levels of woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you’re a novice turner or an experienced one, you’ll be able to create great things with these Carbide Turning Tools.

PSI Woodworking LCHOL3C Carbide Tip Mini Hollowing Tool

PSI Woodworking LCHOL3C Wood Lathe Carbide Tip Mini Hollowing Tool

The PSI Woodworking LCHOL3C Carbide Tip Mini Hollowing Toolset was designed to make your work easier. It includes three tools, each of which measures 15 inches in length and 10 inches in the handle.

Tools include a straight tool (LCHOL3CTM), a medium-angle swan neck tool (LCHOL3CCM), and a steep-angled swan neck tool (LCHOL3CSM). The carbide cutters are replaceable at any time, allowing your tools to last much longer.

The kit includes a wooden storage chest, a hex wrench, and instructions.

With this carbide-tipped hollowing tool chisel set, you can create small bowls and empty vessels on your woodturning lathe with ease.

The PSI Woodworking LCHOL3C set is perfect for precise hollowing.

Hollower Swan Neck Woodturning Lathe Finisher Tool

Hollower Swan Neck Woodturning Lathe finisher

Simplify your hollowing with the hollower swan neck woodturning lathe finisher tool.

This tool makes it simple for both novices and experts to create hollow forms. It features a square tool shaft to be kept flat on the tool rest and/or level with the floor, as well as an indexable replacement carbide insert design for replacing the worn-out cutter. Much easier than what you’re probably used to!


  • Tool Bar 8.27″(210mm)
  • Head 2.36″(60mm)
  • Overall length 19.69″(500mm)

The Hollower Swan Neck Woodturning Lathe finisher Tool is the easy to use, the no-frills simple answer to your turning needs. With its intuitive design and indexable cutter, it’s completely unmatched for ease of use.

After only a few minutes with this tool, you’ll be up and running creating gorgeous turned objects that are the envy of all the other turners at your local club.

Easy Wood Tools 3505 Pro Size Easy Hollower

Easy Wood Tools 3505 Pro Size Easy Hollower #3

No matter what your woodworking needs are, or how much experience you have with a hollowing tool there’s good news! This is one of the best American-made products so this is one of those no-loose ends to take care of.

The handle of this hollowing tool is 20” long, 2” in diameter, and made from American Hickory.

With just a flick of the wrist and some reins on that fiery inner drive, you’ll be rolling up curves like never before knowing that these USA forged bars will keep it nice and neat.

The stylish Easy Wood Tools 3505 Pro Hollower features a large, grip-friendly handle and a corrosion-resistant round cutter head that can be rotated to expose a new sharp edge. It’s perfect for hollowing out bowls with its compact size and easy clearance.

It’s made in America from 100% American Hickory with a Ci-3 round cutter installed that can be rotated or replaced when it dulls for additional sharpness and useable edge length.

What Is The Best Tool For Hollowing Out Wood?

When looking to turn lidded vessels, hollow forms, or containers then you will most likely need to hollow out the interior of your work. This is where a good set of Hollowing Tools comes into play – long chisels with sharp edges used to cut bowls and vessels from wood spinning on the lathe.

There are many different styles of tools that can be used for this type of work. The style that you choose will depend on the size and shape of your object, as well as your skill level.

Here are some things to keep in mind before purchasing a hollowing tool:

Type of project

Know which woodturning project you will be making and the best tools for a successful experience. For example, the PSI Woodworking LCHOL3C is perfect for small bowls and work that requires accuracy while this Carbide Tipped Wood Turning Tools Set can be used for bigger projects.


Replacement cutters can be found in most standard tool sizes so you can continue to extend the life of your Hollowing Tool with additional replacement cutters.

Carbide tips

Carbide tip hollowing tools are typically what you should look for.

Carbide-tipped tools keep their cutting edge hardness at high machining temperatures produced by high cutting speeds. Carbide-tipped tools improve surface finish for increased quality.


Having a set of tools can make your job easier if you are a beginner at woodworking. A standard set of hollowing tools will come in different sizes, allowing you to have the best possible outcome while completing your project.


Make sure the handle allows for a good grip and is long enough.


A sharp cutter is best for a smooth finish and the best results.


The best tools are usually made from high-quality metal materials such as hardened steel. This will ensure that the tool is durable and dependable.


Tools can range anywhere from $30 to $150, depending on the cost of the carbon and metal. If you only need a hollowing tool then you shouldn’t invest in a toolset.

Having the best hollowing tool for you will result in a better outcome when completing your project. And will make for an easy and satisfying experience.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our buying guide has provided you with valuable insights into choosing the best woodturning hollowing tools for your projects. By considering the size of your intended projects, you can make an informed decision and select the perfect tools that will improve your woodturning experience.

Remember, the quality of your tools directly impacts the quality of your craftsmanship. Investing in high-quality hollowing tools will not only make your work more efficient but also result in beautifully hollowed bowls that showcase your skill and creativity.

Thank you for reading our article on the best woodturning hollowing tools! We wish you success in woodturning and hope that you create many stunning hollowed bowls using the best woodturning hollowing tools reviewed in this article!