5 Best Lathes For Turning Duck Calls In 2024

Best Wood Lathes for Making Duck Calls

If you’re looking for the best lathe for turning duck calls, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss what kind of wood lathes are best for turning and shaping a duck call from start to finish. We’ll also include reviews of five different models that should be able to help any hunter find their perfect match.

If you are a duck call maker and want to make your own calls, then a wood lathe is the best tool for the job. There are many different types of wood lathes out there, but not all of them will work well for making duck calls.

When it comes to making duck calls, the best wood lathes are those that can turn a large block of wood into a finished product without too much trouble. There is more than one type of lathe on the market and the right one for you depends on your experience level, budget, and what materials you have available. Let’s take a look at the best lathe for duck calls.

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Best Lathe For Turning Duck Calls

Image Product Details   Price
backpac RIKON Power Tools 70-220VSR Best Wood Lathe for Duck Calls Check Price
backpac WEN 3424T Budget Wood Lathe Check Price
cordlessblower JET JWL-1221VS   Check Price
cordlessblower JET JWL-1015 10″x 15″ Wood Lathe   Check Price
cordlessblower Delta Industrial 46-460 Wood Lathe   Check Price

RIKON Power Tools 70-220VSR (Best Wood Lathe for Duck Calls)

Rikon 70-220VSR is a powerful and user-friendly wood lathe for turning small and big blocks of raw lumber or other heavy material. The Rikon delivers constant power, giving you more control over your project and helping give you greater accuracy.

Best Lathe for Turning Duck Calls

Despite the power of this wood lathe, it always operates so quietly. Some people have said that they don’t even need earplugs to use it.

The Rikon 70-220VSR shines and outcompetes its competitors when it comes to speed. This is where this power tool truly delivers – with an electronic variable speed control that allows you to do speed-steps (ranges) of:

  • 250 – 750 RPM
  • 550 – 1,650 RPM
  • 1,300 – 3,000 RPM.

When you make duck calls you need a lathe that can slow down below 500 RPM for precision work. Another important aspect is the #2 Morse Tapers. This wood lathe has them both which makes it perfect for people who want to get started making duck calls.

With a reversible spindle that adjusts with the push of a button, the company offers an easy way to turn your wood in both directions – forward and backward.

For our purposes, it’s best to have a lathe that is large enough for decorative and general-purpose projects as well as smaller woodturning tasks like making bowls or furniture parts. Although this lathe may not be the right size for commercial work, it will still produce an excellent finish.

The size of the material you can turn is directly affected by your swing. This model has a 12.5” swing, so turning a material that is larger than 12.5” across or 20” in length will not be possible because it cannot fit between the bed and the swing.

Therefore, this lathe can only burn wood that is 12.25” across or less. This is enough space for duck calls.

Another handy feature of this wood lathe is the LED Speed Display. You will have a visual representation of the speed of your unit at all times, which is handy if you forget the speed previously set.

The accessories that come with the wood lathe for making duck calls are one of its poorest strengths. You won’t get attachments, like spare chucks or extensions, with this unit. The shipping carton has a nice diagrammatic representation of the tool printed on the outside and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how to set it up.

The fittings in this power tool are standard and can be found at a hardware store. They are not very expensive to acquire.

RIKON Power Tools 70-220VSR

If you want a wood lathe that is decently priced and offers all the features you will need to turn duck calls and other objects give Rikon 70-220VSR a chance.

WEN 3424T (Budget Wood Lathe)

The WEN 3424T is good for the budget-minded woodturner. This tool has plenty of power and speed to complete tasks efficiently. It’s not heavy-duty and can be set up in a small space. This model is not very well suited for the professional woodturner, but it will work great as a starter lathe.

WEN 3424T 4.5-Amp 12-Inch by 18-Inch 5-Speed Benchtop Wood Lathe

The lathe has five operating speeds so that you can turn parts at 520, 900, 1400, 2150, or 3400 rotations per minute.

The 4.5A motor allows for maximum torque, and the sturdy 70+ pound build won’t wobble during use.

The included MT2 spindle and tailstock make it possible to use a variety of accessories. This feature is very good to have on a wood lathe that will be used for turning duck calls. Most people avoid wood lathes without MT2 spindle and tailstock.

The WEN lathe has a 7-7/8 inch tool rest, spindle center, and tailstock live center which makes it the perfect choice for making duck calls. The machine even has an onboard accessories holder in case you need to store your drill bits or other tools.

While this lathe is not perfect it is still a good choice for beginners that don’t have that much money to spend.

You can read a more comprehensive review here.


The variable-speed motor on the 745 W DC is really easy to use and enables you to set the precise speed you want to utilize the lathe on. It also shows the error codes if an issue was encountered.

The JET 1221VS motor reaches speeds from 60 to 3600 RPM, making it perfect for any woodwork. The range has been designed so it can cater to the needs of many types of users.

JET JWL-1221VS 12"x21" Variable-Speed Wood Lathe (719200)

Durability and reliability are undeniable when considering the many great qualities of this lathe. At 129 pounds, it is well constructed but also not overly bulky, which is beneficial to its performance as a whole. The 1221VS wood lathe is designed to reduce vibration when turning, which in turn increases accuracy and precision.

The lathe includes variable speed control, which is controlled by a knob. It has a digital RPM meter that offers a readout of the current rotation speed. The control module’s location on the lathe also provides protection in case an emergency arises while turning wood – meaning you won’t have to be near the rotating wood.

The new JET 24 indexing head will provide 24 different positions for a better range of options when working on projects.

The JET JWL-1221VS wood lathe has a useful set of standard features for woodturners and plenty of extras, making it a well-balanced choice for your needs. See the full review here.

JET JWL-1015 10″x 15″ Wood Lathe

The Jet wood lathe is perfect for both new and professional woodworkers. Use it to create in minutes what would otherwise take hours by hand. The speeds go 500-3975 RPM which means you can get the job done quickly with this durable tool.

This wood lathe is very stable, so it will not shake a lot. It weighs less than 77 pounds and is sturdy and secure, so you can work with this machine even if you are new to the wood industry.

JET JWL-1015

The spindle and tailstock of the Jet JWL-1015 wood lathe are made from high-grade cast iron. These sturdy components come together to make this a powerful machine for turning small to medium size pieces of wood. Whether you want to craft duck calls, toys, clocks, chess boxes, glasses, or bowls; the Jet JWL-1015 wood lathe will handle any job.

Starting your own DIY projects can sometimes seem impossible if you don’t have the proper tools. But all that changes when you have a power lathe with plenty of different speeds and options to choose from.

With this single item, you’ll be able to make delicate or bigger projects just as well. The best part is that the motor lasts for many years without a problem.

The Jet Jwl-1015 wood lathe is a versatile machine that’s great for people who like to work with different projects from time to time. It has plenty of power and can handle jobs as turning pens or making duck calls.

Delta Industrial 46-460 Wood Lathe

One of the most highly recommended wood lathes for making duck calls is the Delta 46-460. It is overkill for just duck calls especially considering the high price but if you know that in the future you want to explore more woodturning projects then it makes sense to invest in a high-quality wood lathe.

Best Wood Lathe for Duck Calls

The speed has 3 ranges and each is variable:

  • 250-700 RPM
  • 600-1,800 RPM
  • 1,350-4,000 RPM

For intricate woodworking projects, such as duck calls, this powerful motor is a plus because it enables low speeds. For larger projects with high torque needs the lower speed is not suitable.

This amazing machine can turn pieces quickly (even while taking on any size or texture) with its 1 horsepower motor and delivers a range of speeds to make sure you get your masterpiece just right.

To create the perfect duck call, you need to start with a lathe that has minimal vibration and chatter like this one. It is easy to change the different speeds so that you can find the right one for what you are trying to do. The belt tensioning system lets you easily change speeds when needed.

In order to achieve a superior finish, turners can use the forward and reverse functions. When sanding a turned piece with the grain, the wood fibers lay down but remain rough.

If you want to create really intricate woodworking projects, this lathe comes with a special indexing pin.

If you are looking for the best lathe for duck calls and money is not an issue, this is the one to get. You will be able to use it for any woodturning project and it will last you for many years.

Best Lathe For Turning Duck Calls (Buying Guide)

The best wood lathes for turning duck calls will be the ones that are durable, powerful, and versatile. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a lathe specifically for making duck calls:

  • Having a lower RPM speed is helpful when turning duck calls.
  • MT2 for versatility is a must (all wood lathes reviewed in this article have this feature).
  • If you are going to purchase a wood lathe just for duck calls then you can go cheaper. If you plan on doing more we recommend choosing a lathe that is a bit more expensive.
  • Build quality is also important. If you purchase a lathe that is not well-built then it will have more problems over time.
  • You will also need some tools and accessories sold separately so make sure you have the budget for that.


With so many lathes to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. However, we hope that the information provided in this article will help you find your perfect match and make turning your own duck call an enjoyable experience.

Thank you for reading our article about the best lathe for turning duck calls.