Laguna 1216 vs Jet 1221VS Wood Lathe (Which One Is Better?)

Laguna 1216 vs Jet 1221 VS

If you are in the market for a new wood lathe and have narrowed it down to Laguna 1216 or Jet 1221VS, then this article will help you decide which one is best for your needs.

There are some major differences between these two models that make one of them better than the other in different situations.

In this article, we will discuss what those differences are and which wood lathes would be best suited for specific tasks.

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Image Product Details   Price
backpac Laguna EVS 1216 Lowest speed 50 RPM
Highest speed 3500 RPM
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backpac Jet JWL 1221VS Lowest speed 60 RPM
Highest speed 3600 RPM
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Laguna EVS 1216 (Overview)

A beautifully engineered, but amazingly simple machine that combines modern control technology and a powerful 1 HP motor with precision engineering.

Includes virtually all safety features as well as almost 50% more metal on vital components than comparably priced machines in its class.

Laguna 1216 vs Jet 1221VS

The wood lathe is compact and quiet. Adjusting the speed is easy, just open the magnetic cover door(s), flip the tension lever and adjust as needed—Magnetic belt changes provide low, medium, or high-speed options. 

The sealed ball-bearings in the Laguna REVO 1216 give you a smoother motion, so less lubrication is required. The machines are also weatherproof and perform consistently. The 1HP motor is powerful and allows for consistency in movement at multiple speeds. It also makes the machine run more efficiently, with longer brush life as a result of lower power consumption during frequent use.

This machine can turn spindles up to 15-1/2 long and bowls up to 12-1/2. It has a self-ejecting live center that is easy to use. It also has a button that locks the spindle so you can start the machine when you want to.

The Laguna 1216 Midi lathe is a good machine for intermediate woodworkers. It includes many helpful features that make it versatile and reliable, such as the MT2 Drive center, MT2 Live center, and faceplate included with the package. The Laguna uses a unique Pulse Width Modulation inverter to help with consistency through different speeds.


  • Solid construction
  • Great for professional woodturners
  • Compact
  • 1 HP motor
  • Variable Speed


  • Because this is a mini lathe you cannot turn bigger projects

Why You Should Buy The Laguna 1216 EVS

Here are the main reasons that make this wood lathe worth buying:


Laguna has a powerful 1 HP efficient motor that runs at different speeds. The motor is energy-efficient and versatile–they can be adjusted to just the right speed you’re looking for.

Floor stand

The laguna 1216 features a premium floor stand with an adjustable height. You can adjust the height of the stand using a tool. The kit also comes with storage shelves for keeping your accessories organized and easily accessible.

Wheel System

Laguna lathes offer a unique and functional wheel system that will make using the machine simple and easy. The pedal action is simplified to just one motion, eliminating any need for you to break from your work to engage the mechanism.

Rotations per minute

The machine operates at varying levels of speed. It ranges from low to high and may range from 50 to 525 rotations per minute when on its low setting, 325-1750 rotations per minute when it is set in the mid-range level, or even as high as 650 to 3500 rotations per minute.

Tool rest

The tool rest is made of hardened steel and has a stem diameter of 25.4mm. The tool length is 150mm and will not wear down easily.

Control panel

The control panel on the Laguna 1216 features an On/Off switch, Forward/Reverse switch, variable speed control, and digital readout.

Jet JWL 1221VS (Overview)

The JET JWL-1221VS Variable Speed Woodworking Lathe has everything you need to turn some creative designs into a personalized and unique piece of furniture.

This handy tool is packed with innovative features, including a ratchet-style belt tension system (patent pending) and easy-to-reach controls, and digital readouts so that you can easily control the desirable speed ranges.

JET JWL-1221VS Wood Lathe

The spindle has springs inside it. There is a speed control so you can work on different wood pieces. It is good for beginners and professionals as well. You can use it on pieces of wood that are 12inches in diameter. The power source required is 115Volts, and the motor power is a horse.

The directional control will make smooth transitions from forward turning to reverse turning, which provides added safety since it’s removable yellow On/Off safety key. With this variable-speed lightweight woodworking lathe on your side, there are no limits to what you can do!

A workbench will be best as a stand to ensure stability. The lathe is smaller in size and takes up less space than your garage. Three pulley settings make up the motor, each with different roles on rotation speed and torque.


  • Easy-to-reach controls and digital readout
  • Three speed ranges (60-900/110-1,800/220-3,600 RPM)
  • Cast iron construction
  • Low noise


  • Quality control is not always top tier
  • Shipping is another issue that some people have run into

Why You Should Buy The Jet JWL 1221VS

Here are some reasons people choose this wood lathe:


The belt-driven variable speed electric motor is a standard 115 volt that plugs into a regular power outlet. The lower pulley setting gives more torque and works best for larger turning projects. You control the speed by using the knob on the machine, which allows you to vary it throughout your project as needed.

Control panel

The control panel has a digital read-out of your speed as well as buttons to change it. This makes the wood blank go up quickly and means that you can return back to previous spindle speeds should you need to. The forward and reverse switches also have oval-shaped buttons for easier use.

Variable speed

The speed variance for the Jet JWL-1221VS is low, mid, and high depending on the type of material you are working with. The rotor turns 60 to 900 rpm, 110 to 1800 rpm, or 220 to 3600 rpm respectively giving it a range from 60 up to 3200 RPM.

Safety features

The On/Off safety key is removable and yellow to ensure maximum visibility.

Laguna 1216 vs Jet 1221VS

The laguna 1216 vs jet jwl1221vs is a debate that has been going on for some time. They are both good lathes to have in your garage, but there are several differences between them.

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences of these machines:


  • Both the Jet JWL-1211VS and Laguna 1216 woodturning lathe feature a 1 hp Motor. This is enough to handle even demanding jobs.
  • The control panel is easy to reach on both of these models.
  • Both wood lathes feature the forward and reverse function.


  • Lowest speed on Laguna 1216 is 50 RPM while the Jet has 60 RPM. This is not a huge difference but it is something to keep in mind.
  • The distance between centers is bigger on the Jet 1211VS, which is 21″ compared to 15.5″ on the Laguna lathe.
  • The part where Laguna shines is the design. It is different than traditional lathes. It is designed to deliver full torque even at the lowest speed. Features like that makes the Laguna 1216 more expensive but if you have the budget is well worth it.

So, What To Choose?

It really depends on you. They are both very similar. The Laguna 1216 would be our recommended wood lathe because of a few extra features.

The pulse width modulation (PWM) and hardened steel construction make the Laguna a bit better than the Jet even though it is smaller. You can always get a bed extension if that is a problem.

Final Thoughts On Laguna 1216 vs Jet 1221VS

If you are looking for a machine that will be able to handle any job, then the laguna 1216 is probably your best bet. The Jet JWL-1221VS has its advantages too though and it might be more appropriate if you need something a bit cheaper.

Overall both machines will be able to handle most woodturning tasks without any problems.

Thank you for reading our Laguna 1216 vs Jet 1221VS comparison.